Potential of Crypto

The crypto space is sometimes a weird one where speculation around the price of Bitcoin seems the only thing that matters. 

At the same time, the number of cryptocurrencies and crypto-related projects has been growing fast, as it is the volume of venture capital investments and crypto adoption among users. 

The whole market has matured a lot in recent years, but its potential is still massively unexploited.

While I hate all the speculative parts surrounding this, I believe in the crypto potential to power new financial solutions. In particular, solutions that can be useful for everyday use. 

I am not alone to see this potential, as national governments and central banks worldwide are all looking at what can be done, for example, with stablecoins. 

What if you can start paying your bills with the cryptocurrencies that you have on your bank account? That would be interesting, right? 

It’s with that vision in mind that we are working hard to build Six, a new full-service neobank that will enable large scale crypto adoption for everyday use!

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