Growth of fintech market

The fintech market is growing at an incredible pace from east to west and a lot has changed since the early days.

With all these things rapidly transforming is sometimes important to sit and reflect on what’s happening.

Here we are taking a look at what we believe are the most exciting trends right now:

1. Embedded finance is going big.

In the last year a rapidly growing number of companies, of any kind and size, started offering fintech solutions. How’s that possible? With third party APIs that are easy to integrate and banking-as-a-service (BaaS) companies that offer embeddable modules allowing every company to become a fintech company.

2. Neobanks are red hot.

Aspiration, Nubank, Chime, Tinkoff, Revolut, N26 are some of the big names here, with tribes of newcomers that joined in the last few years. Still, plenty of space in one of the most explosive segments that we are entering with Six, a new full-service neobank we are building right now!

3. Payments are evolving quickly.

The digitization of payments accelerated like never before also due to pandemic. Safety and convenience drove the growth of contactless payments and digital wallets to a whole new level of adoption. And then there’s the growth of ‘buy now, pay later’ (BNPL), as a new form of instant financing, which expansion now seems unstoppable.

4. Blockchain and crypto start to have concrete use cases.

There’s a large umbrella of applications that blockchain can enable. The thing is that while for years we just heard about the potentialities of this technology or the rollercoaster related to cryptocurrencies prices, things are different now. Fan tokens on one side (e.g. Socios), NFTs on the other (e.g. OpenSea, Foundation, Hic et Nunc) are taking the world of sports and arts by storm, while DeFi applications are getting more and more sophisticated. This is clearly just the beginning, but the future looks very exciting!

Other trends that would you add?

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